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We have marketing research or business talk in cosmopolitan cities like Hong Kong. We introduce you “Japanese Wood” cooperating with architect and trading company all over the world.

Kazuki Kawai
president of Japan-China Products Limited
(Hong Kong)

Currently, Japanese culture, including Japanese food and traditional arts and crafts, is attracting the attention of the world. Japanese culture is not something that was created overnight, but rather inherited over many generations and polished to what it is today. Japanese lumber, in a similar way, has been passed down generation after generation from parent to child,

child to grandchild, to become the complete work of art it is today. We support from the transport and international sales side Japanese Wood Consulting's efforts strive to demonstrate to the world's consumers Japanese lumber's warmth, functionality, and beauty.

Kazuki Kawai

KenZo (Architect)

My work is designing buildings, interiors, and furniture. We embrace the Japanese woodworking culture and we like to use solid wood. I face the culture of wood raised in Japan in our modern life. While paying heed to tradition, modernity, and future prospects, we will endeavor to prioritize this going forward. In any case, lumber of Japanese Wood Consulting has a well-understood appeal. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you.