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Fusakuni Taguchi|Japanese wood Consulting

president of Japanese Wood Consulting president of YAMAKYO, Inc.

Having graduated from the department of science at Gakushuin
University in 1999, I am now the third president of  YAMAKYO, Inc. a
forestry and timber company founded in 1955. We produce and sell high
quality lumber harvested from the 400 hectares of mountainous forest
land that we manage and own. Our lumber is highly regarded as
materials for everything from national buildings and private homes to
furniture and wooden products. Additionally, we also use our
connections to act as matchmakers for other businesses. Our activities in
this area have been praised on TV and in magazines, and in 2013 we
received a letter of gratitude from the Japan Wood-Products Information
& Research Center (JAWIC). I am currently working in the capacity of
chairman for the Wood Farming Promotion Committee of Gifu
Prefecture, and as an advisor to the Gifu Prefecture Youth Association of
Commerce and Industry.

Fusakuni Taguchi

About Yamakyo

Our sawmill has operated in Higashishirakawa village in Gifu prefecture for many generations. We produce a wide range of products, primarily using Japanese cedar and cypress grown in Gifu prefecture, from timber for construction purposes to interior decorating. The sawmill is equipped with manufacturing machinery including twin bandsaws and kiln drying machines, as well as offering support for air-dried lumber and FSC™-certified wood, for which demand has recently been on the rise. We provide lumber for a variety of purposes, including private homes and public construction projects, including for important facilities in large cities like Tokyo. Our forestry department manages our 400 hectares of forest in an environmentally sustainable way.

  • Air Dry
  • Kiln Dry
  • FSC wood
  • FSC C015059
  • It is member of the MOKUSAIKOBO NETWORK

About Forest Stewardship Council™

We have acquired FSC™(Forest stewardship council) certification (Forest Management certification for village-owned forests, and Chain of Custody certification for the company) in order to carry out environmentally sustainable forest management. We provide lumber that is used around the world.