Japanese wood Consulting

Fusakuni Taguchi

Introduce Japanese wood to the world Japanese wood Consulting

Japan is a forested country, with forest area occupying 66% of its land. It is my job to introduce people to the uses of environmental resources such as that timber. Whether you require japanese wood products,would like to know more about japanese manufacturing technology, or would simply like to learn more about japan itself,please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We can

  • introduce woody products
  • intermediate companies of forestry, sawmill and woodcraft
  • intermediate trading companies of lumber
  • sell woody products
  • operate business tourism in japan

Japanese Wood Consulting

  • companies in Japan
  • woody products
  • business tourism


We will introduce companies, which does the kind of work you requires.Also,we will introduce your company to our partner companies and make plans so as to make the business talk go smoothly.(This is not a guarantee that negotiations have finished.)

Basic rate

  • mediate 1 company
    50,000 JPY
  • mediate 2 company
    80,000 JPY

include;arranging interpreters,japanese business lecture